Flabob DC-3 Experiences


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Vintage 1940’s DC-3


located at
Historic Flabob Airport
Riverside, California


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  • Airshows
  • Scenic flights
  • Tours
  • DC-3 experience flights
  • Funeral/memorial flyovers


Flabob EXPRESS is fully FAA licensed and flown by experienced, former airline pilots.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to promote youth education in aviation.  We have our own Aviation High School here at Historic Flabob Airport.  Students regularly help maintain this beauty, and they fly with us whenever they can.
DC3 at Sunset


Scenic flights from Flabob Airport:
We can take a maximum of eight people. Suggested donations are the same for one or eight passengers, so fill it up with eight!  Have breakfast or lunch at our classic airport cafe as part of your day.

Scenic flights from your airport:
Same suggested donation as a flight from Flabob, only that we ask for an additional amount to cover our gas and oil from Flabob to your desired airport and return.

DC-3 personal flight experience:
Ground school on aircraft systems. You fly the aircraft in the air.  We can take up to four fliers, and you log dual in a DC-3.  Flown from Flabob, but we can come to you for additional fuel and oil.

Airshow appearances:
Fuel and oil, as well as lodging and transportation for aircrew.

Funeral/memorial flyovers:
A great tribute for aviators or airplane lovers gone west.  A thundering low-level flyover of a classic in honor of your loved one.


 For more information, contact:
Flabob Aviation Associates
3980 Chapman Place
Riverside, CA  92506

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