Flabob Aero Club


AeroclubThe Flabob Aero Club is organized solely as a social and recreational organization; to provide for fellowship and commingling of its members in connection with aviation, including formal and informal airport social activities, flyouts, aviation museum visits, seminars and discussions, aviation training, proficiency flights, rental of airplanes to its members, shared maintenance, airplane cleaning, and other aeronautical activities. Members enjoy all the joys of Historic Flabob, group activities, and flying Club airplanes.


The Flabob Aero Club meets on the first Saturday of each month at the Chapter One Hangar. The Board meets at 5:00 P.M.  (Meeting is open to all.)  Our Membership Meetings are quarterly.  Times vary; but as an example, around 2:00 p.m. we may all be out washing and cleaning the club planes.  Afterwards, we may fire up the barbecue.  Or we may start the day with a pancake breakfast, followed by an activity.   Whatever happens, it’s all good, clean, family fun, with nice people who all share one basic interest and thought — “Isn’t it time to go flying?”


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