Airplane Restoration Projects


For students 14½ years or older who have been through the Flabob Air Academy, we have available a Saturday morning program to restore real airplanes.  In these restoration projects, small groups of young people under close and expert adult supervision have fun and learn restoration skills.  Project restoration can include tearing off fabric, removing warped wood, and ripping out interiors.  Sometimes patterns need to be made.  Sanding, varnishing, rib stitching, painting, and every other aspect of restoration are skills taught to the students.  Time spent in the building project is documented and can be applied to A & P (Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic) training.

The Center sees this program to be a positive way to educate youth using aviation to empower young people.  Through aviation, they learn responsibility, leadership, planning, and teamwork.

“We don’t use kids to build airplanes.  We use airplanes to build kids.”

Website - Restoration Projects

For a printable 2-sided trifold brochure:     Restoration Projects

For more information, please contact:
(951) 683-2309


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