Flabob Airport has a rich and fascinating history including many firsts in aviation innovation, design and education. The history of Flabob Airport can be roughly divided into three eras:

  • First Era: Roman Warren, Cowboy Aviator.
  • Second Era: Flavio Madariaga and Grassroots Aviation.
  • Third Era: Tom Wathen and Education Through Aviation.



Flavio Madariaga used to tell people he had a postcard from 1907 which showed the area near present-day Flabob Airport, and which depicted a hangar and runway. Since 1907 was only fours years after the first powered airplane flight by the Wright brothers, this was a sensational discovery. Here is the postcard:

The “hangar and runway” are in the lower left. Flavio had a robust sense of humor, because when a closer look is taken, it can be seen that the “hangar” is a stable and carriage-house, and the “runway” is the driveway.

Truthfully, therefore, Flabob cannot date itself from 1907. In fact, it dates from 1925, two years before the Lindbergh boom. It is the seventh oldest surviving airport in California.


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