The Tom Wathen Center uses the fascination of flight to inspire the love of learning for successful careers and satisfying lives.  We include all people — especially youth, veterans, and the disadvantaged and challenged.  At our historic Flabob Airport, there is excitement in working with the head, hand, and heart side by side with pilots, craftsmen, and innovators in an authentic workplace.  We preserve and disseminate the history of aviation, and encourage and nourish the designers, builders, and innovators of tomorrow.

"Inspiration through Aviation"

Our Vision

Flabob Airport is also home to The Tom Wathen Center, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to education through aviation. Founder Tom Wathen believed aviation is a powerful stimulus to learning, especially the vital STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

At Flabob

Aviation fascinates and motivates young people. To most of our youth today, an airport is a forbidden curiosity that can only be seen behind security fences. At Flabob, aviation is up close and personal. Our instructional programs provide many ways to turn a casual interest into lifelong learning, with hands on experience and dedicated training. Once these youngsters become captivated, they transform their curiosities into a strong-ever growing commitment while willingly accepting to learn more math, physics and history to feed their aviation habit.

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