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Inspiration Through Aviation

    Since 2000, The Tom Wathen Center has offered a growing number of programs using "Inspiration through Aviation" to encourage STEM learning. 

  • Science taught through Real-World applications

  • Technology activities used to enhance learning

  • Engineering skills gained through hands-on experiences

  • Math taught from an aviation perspective



Young Eagles Flights

The Young Eagles flight program was launched in 1992 to give interested young people ages 8 through 17 the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of flying in a general aviation airplane.  The Tom Wathen Center supports Flabob Airport’s EAA Chapter One in providing free airplane rides made possible through the generosity of EAA member volunteers.


Red Barn Aviation

This program is available for students 14 & 1/2 years or older. In these restoration projects, small groups of students under close and expert adult supervision have fun and learn restoration skills. The group meets on Saturday mornings. 

air academy.jpg

Flabob High Powered Rocketry Program


The rocket lab at Tom Wathen Center was developed to foster the next generation of rocket engineers and technicians by exposing students to the industry and the career opportunities available. Classes are free of charge and open to students 8-18 years of age.

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This program geared for middle and high school students provides a broad introduction to aviation science including weather, navigation, and the principals of flight.  Programs include a number of hands-on activities and 3 day Air Academy culminates an EAA Chapter One Young Eagles airplane flight.


Youth Opportunity Program

Certified instructors work hand in hand with misguided and disadvantaged youth Students are taught basic structural repair, fabric covering prep and paint. Two programs of this nature are available; auto-body and aircraft restoration.

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