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Flabob Express

                           the “Flabob Express”, has enjoyed a long and rich life, wearing many different “uniform hats” during her storied career.


She was born in 1943 in Long Beach, CA.  Designated a C-47 “Dakota”, she was shipped to the RAF in England, where she served by flying Winston Churchill and the Royal Family.  She then traveled to India, flew a stint in the Pakistani Air Force, became an executive transport in Canada, then a Canadian Airliner.  She changed hands many times, and eventually was owned by Mr. Jerry Barto, who donated it to a non-profit group on Flabob Airport in Riverside, CA. (pronounced Flay-bob). 


She is now in the caring hands of the Flabob Aviation Associates (the “other FAA”).  The Associates are a 501(c)(3), non-profit designed to bring together two seemingly disparate ideas.  To keep our flying history alive by bringing it into the lives of today’s young people. 

Our DC3,
Airlift_Wiesbaden (38).jpg

In 2019, we flew the Flabob Express to Europe to honor the sacrifices made 75 years previous on the beaches of Normandy, and 70 years ago during the Berlin Airlift.


Yes, she flew to England, France and Germany.  And then home to California, so that we may now offer her extraordinary legacy experience to you!


We offer everything from the “DC-3 Experience”, a 1-hour flight experience for you, your family and friends (up to 14 total passengers), complete with champagne service.  Come experience the glamor and romance of the Airlines of Yesteryear!


For appropriately rated and experienced pilots, we offer DC-3 flight training, up to your SIC (Second-In-Command) DC-3 Type Rating. 


For a select few experienced pilots, we may offer training for your full PIC Type Rating.


The Flabob Aviation Associates are a group of pilots and mechanics who care about aviation, the importance of keeping its history alive by keeping the legacy aircraft flying.  There’s nothing like hearing the sound of radial engines flying overhead!


We operate on a completely volunteer basis.  No one is paid for our services.  We pay for our own currency training.  We do this out of love and genuine respect for these historic aircraft.  In this way, we can keep our costs to you as low as possible.


However, keeping nearly-80-yr-old airplanes flying is not an inexpensive endeavor.  Not only does she guzzle aviation fuel at 100 gallons per hour, but between maintenance, insurance and other upkeep expenses, our actual operating costs are considerable.


So we invite you to donate to our nonprofit endeavor.  And then, come fly a DC-3 with us!

For details, please contact the Flabob Aviation Associates point-of-contact, Bob Tymczyszyn, at 909-844-0367 or via email to  (pronounced Tim-chizen)


Note:  During the current COVID19 pandemic, certain other restrictions are in place, for your protection and the protection of our associates.  These include wearing of masks, distancing and further restrictions on the total number of passengers aboard.  Thank you for your understanding.

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